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The most compelling vegan message

To his credit, John Fluevog is known by many as the premier footwear designer for discerning tastes. To the disdain of cows the world over, Mr. Fluevog is a leather-hungry barbarian. With ten-plus years of animal rights advocacy under my faux-leather belt, I wrote to our friend Mr. Fluevog to sincerely, emphatically (and humorously) express my wishes that he produce some cruelty-free footwear.

Response number 1 came as a disappointment about a week ago. It was the verbatim text lifted from the company's website FAQ page, where it is an answer to the question: Do you make non-leather vegetarian styles? Frankly, after all the work and care I put into crafting that letter (which I would reproduce here if I hadn't deleted it*), I was more than a little disappointed.

Response number 2 came today. I share it here:

> -----Original Message----- > From: John Fluevog [mailto:johnf@fluevog.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 3:46 PM
> To: jlarson@u.arizona.edu
> Subject: will fluevog listen with ears like a cow?
> Jeff
> To date yours has prob. been the most compelling
> vegan message.. It got to me!.. but that is not
> to say I will stop my evil ways and repent.
> (at least not right now)
> just what would Jesus do?
> i'm thk'n fish skin's?
> I hv done non leather in the distant past .. and
> they did not work...BUT.. I am on to something
> again.. (not fish skins)..so we will see
> thanks for the interest and thinking of me.. and
> i am thk'n about about what u said.
> John Fluevog
> The Fluevog's wearer is generally nice and can be
> trusted slightly more than others

This is a window of opportunity. I'd love to see a flood of comments find their way to JF's desk! Begin, as I did, here.

* Suffice it to say, my comment was clever, hilarious, and heart-wrenching.

“The most compelling vegan message”

  1. Blogger tina Says:

    Holy crap, Jeff! John Fluevog WROTE you HIMSELF!?! He is a freakin' fashion GEN-I-US!!! I LOVE his shoes!

    My vegan husband is going to be SO EXCITED to join your email campaign!

  2. Blogger Jeff Says:

    That's great - 25% of my readership actually knows who Fluevog is!

    Thanks for the morale boost, Tina.

  3. Anonymous Sloppy Deru Says:

    But, on the other hand . .