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From our distant perch

Here it is, fresh data from the Gallup Poll showing opposition to that abominable war in Iraq has reached an all time high: Showing a remarkable amount of confidence in the selfsame government that brought us this war, the American public simultaneously send it this resounding message: "take as much time as you need!" With a firm mandate like this to end the war when it's convenient and a little bipartisan nudging from Congress sending basically the same message, expect an extended stay for U.S. freedom fighters in Iraq until at least 2008. * Find a compendium of heart-warming war statistics here.

“From our distant perch”

  1. Anonymous alienacean Says:

    so one could say that a majority (52%) are in favor of pulling out in 12 months or less time. the rhythym method applied to fucking countries rather than people.

  2. Blogger Jeff Says:

    Ahh, that's a good one.