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That was last week

Last week I got my first resounding rejection from a major journal. Two of the three discouraging reviews emitted vile, vituperative venom the likes of this:

"...borders on the rediculous." "...an absolutely ridiculous and misleading claim...The notion...is laughable." "...since I am unpersuaded...the analysis of the data is moot." "...go back to the drawing board."
For those who would judge me, bear in mind that my co-author (and author of most of the claims criticized above) is a widely published professor at a large Southwestern university. Needless to say, the reviews were a slap in the face more than an inspiration to revise, so now I'm struggling to piece together the fragmented bits of my ego and get to work on that paper again. This week I learned that I won another small grant for my dissertation - $800 dollarinis. It's chump change for some, but it's just what a fragmented ego needs. And, together with the $500 our department gives each of us I can now hire some student help in the data collection effort. Que bueno!

“That was last week”