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Is it worth it?

I'm tempted to phase out this blogging business from my e-life. To get people to read a blog you have to run an entertainment service, a news feed, or the slower equivalent of a chat room for friends. I'm not interested in any of these. My original idea was to post things related to my research - an explicitly sociological blog - in the hopes that people with similar interests would comment, discuss, challenge, and encourage. No such luck. Most of you now reading this are probably in my family and are here to read updates of my life without having to respond to me. I'll admit, it's convenient for that. I liked having a space for my Guatemala posts last summer. But frankly, it's too much work. Take a look at my freshly redesigned website and compare it to the older version (if you can remember it). I'm in the mood to streamline. Simplify. And be pragmatic. The new site is a little more professional (e.g., no references to porn, scooters, or The Cure) and has fewer links to sift through to find what you want (you do want something, don't you?). I think I like the new look. This week I finally did a little exploring of MySpace.com, a bloated network of mini-websites, full of single people seeking love and artists seeking recognition. I can see the appeal for some. It's remarkably similar to blogging, as a matter of fact (and each mini-site can have it's own blog, by the way) - but, like the Web in general, the ratio of crap to good stuff is about 10:1. In my own way I contributed to that crap with a site of my own. Since this contribution of crap runs against my streamlining strategy, it's not likely to stick around long. But maybe, if you've never seen MySpace.com, you'll be inspired to get a site of your own - it's free! The photo below was taken on a recent trip to Bisbee, AZ with Heather and Mom. We stayed in a bed & breakfast with theme rooms. This is Heather in a photo named after our room there:

Return to Paradise

“Is it worth it?”

  1. Anonymous Richard. Says:

    Jeff, say it isn't so. You can't get rid of your blog. Yours, Josh's, and Jenn Lena's (oh yeah, and mine) are the only non-professional blogs worth reading. Just take another long trip to some godforsaken town in "pick the third world country". You'll be jus fine.

  2. Blogger Jeff Says:

    Richard: you're the bomb/shit/man/greatest. Thanks for sticking by me in my weaker moments. And happy new year!