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U.S. gov't. to the rescue!

Although it played second fiddle to the earthquake in Pakistan last fall, the hurricane that bombarded Central America was absolutely devastating. In Guatemala, my recent C. American vacation resort country, entire villages were buried by mud and rockslides later to be declared mass graves. In that country alone:

it is believed that nearly 700 people were killed. Basic infrastructures and water supplies were severed, schools and homes destroyed, and roads and bridges that allow rural farmers access to central markets were entirely wiped out. (hurricaneaction.org)
Obviously shocked by the tragedy, President Bush announced three weeks later that the US government would not sit idly by. It would plead with rich folks here to donate money to help the affected countries. Today, President Bush announced (three months later) the launching of a new website where Americans of all stripes can kick in a few bucks.* I like to remind myself that if I have a few bucks to go out to eat, see a movie, or buy a beer, then I've got enough to share with those who don't: hurricaneaction.org * Its a shame that the Central Americans affected weren't wealthy corporate magnates - our government's propensity to offer corporate relief is much greater.

“U.S. gov't. to the rescue!”