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The great makeover

Well this is a radically different look for this blog, ain't it? I've been messing around with it for a few days, teaching myself how to code style sheets, to work within the blogger.com architecture, and trying to come up with something a little classier and more unique. What do you think? What does it have to do with dried sage? Who knows? Who cares. I liked the photo. It's fun to do and is a "great" distraction from work. Please let me know if you see major problems with the site in your browser. I didn't have a chance to check browsers other than Firefox. Update: I've changed the colors and spacing of the text, fixed the commenting feature, and lightened the background to make everything more readable. As always, your feedback continues to be helpful.

“The great makeover”

  1. Blogger Jeff Says:

    Gee whiz, Jeff. You've done a bang-up job on the site. If I pay you a few bucks, would you redesign my blog too?