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A tale of two deadlines

No. 1 - In late 2004 Omar and I had an idea for a paper we would write together. Last fall we began work on said paper (affectionately known as "the Che paper"), and in January we mailed it off to the American Sociological Association for an upcoming conference. Tonight, I will give it one more pass (and a conclusion) before submitting it tomorrow to our very own department of Sociology best-graduate-student-paper competition. We do love to compete in this business. Do I think this is the best graduate student paper? God no. But I'm hoping the rest of you won't submit anything. No. 2 - Another competition that I hope few others enter is for the Hauser Center predissertation grant. This one's due in their Boston offices by next Wednesday. They're offering $3-5,000 for folks like to to study non-profit organizations and/or civil society. My dissertation just happens to be about non-profit social movement organizations in what political scientists like to call civil society. By god, I could use that money! Wish me luck.

“A tale of two deadlines”