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Hey Mom, I got the grant!

If you're a regular reader of this blog you'll know the occassional discouragement I've felt with my dissertation research. Well today good news came. In an odd twist of fate, just as the flags and fireworks start appearing across the countryside, and my cynicism and disgust toward our government peak, that selfsame government announced today that it will send $7,500 for my research! Hot dog! You'll remember that in January the National Science Foundation rejected my request for a grant. So, I regrouped, revised, and remailed that request. Eight months later I'm revelling in sweet victory.

“Hey Mom, I got the grant!”

  1. Blogger Warbler Says:

    America! (Fuck yeah!)

  2. Anonymous Mother Says:

    Go Jeff! love mom

  3. Blogger erica Says:

    congratulations! :)