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What's not to enjoy?

I graduated from college in Bellingham, Washington, and my sister lives there now. My friends who didn't move to Seattle still live there, and this weekend I visited two of them. Do you enjoy, as I do, introducing new girlfriends to old friends? It's a way to connect my present to my past, my best friend to my history. They don't always establish a profound union, but like a hint to a riddle, they are a little closer to understanding me. What's not to enjoy about that?

We strolled this waterfront trail 3 miles out of downtown and bussed back.
When hanging out with 7 year-old boys, video games are bound to appear eventually. This is me with old friend Jason - musician, carpenter, tattoo artist, father - and Bela the Playstation II afficionado.
Turns out this is an easy way to get a beaming smile out of Ben. What's not to enjoy?

“What's not to enjoy?”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Heff, you look like a natural for fatherhood. Play with the kid a bit, make some inexplicable, stooopid faces til he/she giggles a bit and then hand him back over to the female caregiving unit. Come join us in the suburbs of St. Louis and I'll share other priceless fathering tips over hot Postum! Slopj

  2. Blogger Jeff Says:

    Slop-daddy: If you're in St. Louie now, I have no contact info for you. Please write!