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Milking the classics

If you were the head of a university press, notoriously known as they are for slim profit margins and small batch printing, and you learned that one of your out-of-print books has increased in value by more than 280%, would you consider reprinting it? What if you then learned that another university press has preempted your move by releasing a new and improved version of your product? Well, you'd be wise to become a used book seller.

Right now you can pick up a used copy of Hannan & Freeman's classic Organizational Ecology (1989) through Amazon for only $737.60! Not satified with just one copy? Order the second and only remaining copy for an additional $2,088.29!

Oh, and these are paperback editions. "Condition: Good."

So, does anyone out there have a copy of this that they'd care to sell? The bidding starts here (with a trivial commission for the host).

Update (9/6/06): You missed the cheap copy. The remaining copy is now up to $2,262.14. Aren't you just kicking yourself for not buying in earlier?

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“Milking the classics”

  1. Blogger joanna and marco Says:

    i'll keep my eyes out at the garage sales!

  2. Blogger Brayden Says:

    The "new and improved" version you speak of is actually quite different than Hannan and Freeman (1989). Or am I just being fooled by the new label? Hannan and Carroll (1992) is probably closer to the original in content.

  3. Blogger Jeff Says:

    I'd love to see a future orgtheory.net post that takes as it's focus the ways that pop ecology/org demographics has indeed improved and expanded between '89 and '04.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    why is this such a great book?

  5. Blogger Jeff Says:

    It's not $2,000 great. But it is the first comprehensive statement of Population Ecology, one of a few theoretical perspectives that have dominated contemporary organizational studies research. Then again, it's been written elsewhere (as Brayden has said), and libraries are chock full of copies, so it's hard to imagine why it would reach such insane heights in the market.