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Welcome to Univer City

I live in a feudal kingdom. Just outside the main city walls, actually. Prince Bob who runs the place is new in town and you really never hear from the guy. He's a rarely seen figure who works in the castle, makes decisions on high, and collects taxes from us semi-annually. The aristocracy is a benevolent bunch who, once they demonstrate their merit to the Prince, are guaranteed jobs for life. The clergy and guilds are as close to the city as can be without being within its walls, and frankly I wish they were farther away.

We all work in exchange for the many amenities provided to us. Our city has it's own hospital, police department, recycling plant, and movie theater. We have all kinds of entertainment, including a pool hall, competitive sports teams, a planetarium, dining, shopping, swimming, and coffeehouses. You can ride free shuttles around town. The only thing we really lack is a fresh food market. You have to travel to the outskirts to find that. Otherwise, we have everything we need.

I have a place just outside the city walls in the Workers' Quarter, adjacent to the Main Gate. It's really prime real estate, as far as I'm concerned, because I can walk to my office in the city but escape it each night. Don't get me wrong, the city's a nice place - quiet, clean, and loaded with friendly people - but some things you just can't find inside Univer City. For example, poor people, high crime rates, and alcohol. Advertisements used to be rare here too, but times certainly are changing. Fortunately, there's plenty of these things within walking distance of the city.

If you still haven't made vacation plans this year, consider visiting Univer City. Contact our department of tourism for more information.


“Welcome to Univer City”

  1. Blogger Drek Says:

    Nice post. I like it.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    ...and here I was, sold on the place, UNTIL you told me there wouldn't be any poor people, crime, or booze! Damn.

  3. Blogger Jeff Says:

    I noticed last night that the art and music buildings are outside of the city walls. What does that say?b

  4. Blogger The Alt Martha Says:

    I do intend on visiting, but instead of contacting the dept of tourism I suppose I'll just call you. Think I have to come before March though or I'll melt. You didn't mention anything about the amber music scene though...

  5. Blogger erica Says:

    hmm...when you put it this way it almost sounds creepy...oh, maybe it is...