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3 reasons to be thankful you're not in Tucson

2:00 am is truly lovely this time of year.

Wish you were here,


“3 reasons to be thankful you're not in Tucson”

  1. Blogger joanna and marco Says:

    oh my god! and here i am whining about 78 degrees!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Well, you do live in the middle of the bleedin desert....

  3. Blogger ΕΡΜΕΣ Says:

    i believe they call that "incentive to stay inside and study"

  4. Blogger S.S.Stone Says:

    A couple of weeks ago we experienced 39C (102F) with very high humidity levels making it unbearable! And this is Canada where many Americans think we ski all year round.

    DRY HEAT, no problem! ;)