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Daddy needs a new pair of shoes

A year ago, I wrote in these pages of a rare reply I'd received from the namesake of John Fluevog Boots & Shoes Ltd., makers of deliciously stylish but devilishly evil leather shoes (note my avowed commitment to animal liberation). Mr. Fluevog said I'd touched a chord with my request that he enter the 21st century and design some cruelty-free shoes. In my mind I declared sweet victory. Ahh...
Today, via my pal Elaine, I've learned that victory is indeed sweet. The new line of "Veggie Vogs" has recently been released. From the company's website:
This year we decided to grow something for
the un-leather style-mongers. We planted a couple of our classic Angel styles, added some TLC and grew the uppers out of a hemp-cotton blend. We insisted on using a memory foam insole for comfort (and to make up for any loss of memory). We also used recycled nylon lining, 100% natural gum rubber soles, and water-based biodegradable adhesive to develop the animal-friendly, super stylin’ VEGGIEVOGS.
If social movements are going to have an effect on the economy, we need to engage it. Please share this news with your animal-friendly, super stylin' veggie friends.

“Daddy needs a new pair of shoes”

  1. Anonymous groujo Says:

    This is fantastic. To think that a perfectly worded thought can cut through all the shite and actually get something done gives me hope.

  2. Blogger joanna and marco Says:

    you have to buy these for yourself, esp if you get a grant. good shoes and self presentation are necessary to get the best out of all that dissertation interviewing.