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Pig stretching has no place in Arizona!

There's a revolution brewing in Arizona, a revolution that threatens to dismantle the very fabric of our families, communities, and our economy. And if you think it can't happen in your community, watch out. These revolutionaries are on the move!

Extreme liberal agitators have invaded Arizona's political process with a proposition that goes way too far. Now sit down before you read the language of the proposed law. You may start to wonder which planet these people come from.

A person shall not tether or confine any pig during pregnancy or any calf raised for veal, on a farm, for all or the majority of any day, in a manner that prevents such animal from:
  1. Lying down and fully extending his or her limbs; or
  2. Turning around freely.
That's right. They want pigs and calves to stretch out and turn around! Clearly, this must not be allowed. Fortunately, the good people with "No on 204" are waging a campaign with the kind of clarity, simplicity, and common sense that this issue deserves. Their advertisements cut right to the heart of the issue:
Why Oppose Prop 204?

1. Unnecessary. Arizona farmers and ranchers are honest/hardworking people that treat animals humanely and provide them a safe and healthy environment.

That's important. Honest/hardworking people have a right to confine their pigs/calves any way they want. In fact, it's in the best interest of those pigs/calves to face forward in the same narrow/metal cage their entire lives. Just how long do you think they would survive in the wild?
2. Foreign Meat. Prop 204 is part of a national political campaign going state-by-state to slowly break down farms and ranches in America.
Ok, this one might be a little confusing. What does "foreign meat" have to do with this state-by-state campaign of terror? What they mean to say - and right they are! - is that as soon as you get American pigs/calves turning and lying around with legs outstretched (they might as well be sipping martinis!), dirty/dark-skinned ranchers from afar are going flood our markets with cheap/foreign meat, and you won't be surprised to know that they raise dirty/dark-skinned meat too!

The state-by-state campaign is a different thing entirely, which brings us to rebuttal number three:

3. Using Arizona. Out-of-state animal rights groups brought Prop. 204 to Arizona just like they did to Florida in 2002.
Just like those rabble-rousing/liberal carpetbaggers forced their anti-slavery and civil rights ideas on Dixie, they're at it again with their wild ideas about the humane treatment of animals. Hogwash. That's the slogan of the No on 204 campaign, and it's dead on. Hogwash. The Humane Society of the U.S. and Farm Santuary, the two biggest contributors to the Prop. 204 campaign, are from Washington, DC and upstate New York, respectively. Ok, sure, our No on 204 campaign receives a major portion of its funding from two Washington, DC-based groups (American Farm Bureau Federation, National Pork Producers Council) but really, that's different. Really. Very different.

The battle over pig stretching in Arizona is not humane for agribusiness. The welfare of animals is Communist propaganda designed to put honest/hardworking corporations out of business. Join me at the polls to vote no on Prop. 204 and yes to animal cruelty.

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“Pig stretching has no place in Arizona!”

  1. Anonymous Laura Says:

    Please let me know how this turns out! I am stunned to see that people just want to break down the self suffiency of others with no inkling of what it does to their lives. Please email me your response. I am very very interested. You can email me from my page.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I have proudly been a volunteer on this YES on 204 campaign for 11 months in Arizona and i am a local resident. I have worked with some of the nicest people too. There are thousands of in-state Humane Society supporters. This is a local measure by Arizona Humane Society and it's modest. It is not a vegetarian campaign, only asking to allow them to be able to lie down, turn around and stretch their legs - which they cannot even do right now. They live their whole lives suffering in these crates 4-6 months and transferred to a "farrowing" crate just before birth to prevent her from rolling on babies. The farrowing crate is not included in this initiative. Only the Gestation crate is being targeted. If they are a good breeder, they will be re-impregnated and returned to the gestation crate again. So, this process could mean 2-3 years confined in a crate like that. We require that pet dogs have enough room to turn around in their crates, so this should not be an issue in our modern times. The whole European Union has banned these crates and are successful with alternative housing that even separates the strong personalities to prevent fighting. The factory farm in arizona has over 16,000 pregnant pigs in an enclosure in Snowflake, AZ. This will prevent more farms from moving in and destroying the area like in North Carolina and Iowa. The odor and air pollution from Amonia off gassing from 16,000 pigs (Indoor Warehouse - never see sunlight) is hazardous to their health and surrounding town. EPA got on the town in NC for their air pollution and residents were getting sick. I also want to add that i have met farmers who tell me that just sticking a farm animal in an enclosure very small and so close to each other increases their stress levels and hormones -->> which increases their chance of getting sick-->>
    which means higher need for antibiotics & medicine-->>
    which end up in your food -->>
    please support family, traditional farming. I personally support free-range and organic.
    Healthier animals = healthier meat

    This Ballot Initiatie also will PREVENT Veal Factory farms from setting up shop in AZ. Right now there are small farmers who raise veal in AZ with room to turn around and socialize with each other - equally important for their immune system and well-being. Again not cruel & Healthier animals = healhy meat

    Please see FAQ & Link "science" on www.yesonproposition 204.com
    (see our latest commercials - listen to what a whistleblower said
    Another good link is www.themeatrix.com to see how factory farms are destroying the family farming

    Hope this helps!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    your an idiot did you really just compare this pig problem to anti-slavery. do us a favor and shut the hell up if your an ignorant idiot with no common sense

  4. Anonymous Nick Says:

    I love to eat really good pork in various forms, but I'm stunned by the sheer brutality and ignorance of this blog post "Dried Sage". If anyone wants or cares to learn how a real farm (not a factory) raises pigs, please read this article (link below) about Gunthorp Farms in Indiana.


    And for additional insight and reference regarding all things swine, please pick up and read a copy of Pig Perfect (link below).


    Nick Lessins
    Great Lake