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From the lonely caverns of Academia

Well, in the nearly two weeks since David Horowitz added l'il ol' me to his list of admirable...er, abominable leftist academics I've received a flurry of congratulatory support. Friends and colleagues seem downright happy for me, and at least one is decidedly pissed that he didn't make the list. You're on my list, my friend.

Since that first day, Horowitz has exposed two more universities, Penn State and U. Pitt, to the neoconservative light of day. I was approached for interviews by the Tucson Weekly and our campus newspaper, and today I just learned that our graduate student council passed a resolution condemning Horowitz's so-called academic bill of rights. Hear, hear!

What is the best response to an attack like this? Remember, this isn't just against me or a "few bad apples," it's an explicit attempt to change the institutions of academia. If you work in academia, we're talking about you here.

My initial thought was to just stay quiet; I didn't want to fan the flames of controversy. But with the ensuing media attention, the discussions across campus, and a well financed campaign to restrict academic freedom, I've since decided that speaking out is best. But am I, a leftwing indoctrinating idealogue, the best spokesperson against this twit? Where's the chair of my department? The university president? The state Board of Regents? Where are all the academic bigshots? Whose voice are Ma and Pa America hearing out there?

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“From the lonely caverns of Academia”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    hey dude, where is your chair? still waiting?

  2. Blogger Jeff Says:

    Not only has the graduate student council passed a supportive resolution, inspiring several letters to the editor and a favorable editorial in the campus newspaper, but now the student council (all inclusive) is considering a resolution as well. I suspect that it'll pass in a few days.

    The chair, busy worker that she is, remains silent.