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He said his name, BoRev, and he danced a lick across the cell

I don't know how you people do it - blog three, four...seven times a week. Do you have family responsibilities, jobs? How about suntans (get outside!), or insomnia (get to bed!)? I simply can't keep up. In fact, the more I desire to keep up the less capable I feel.

In the spirit of reverence toward those with whom I can't keep up, I want to introduce you to BoRev.net, subtitled, "Dispatches from the Bolivarian Revolution." It's a political blog that drips with sarcasm and wit. It is unabashedly pro-Venezuelan and takes many incisive stabs at U.S. policies in the region and the media lapdog that follows it. It'll challenge any of you who think you know what's going on in Venezuela these days.

Here you can learn how our government supports a murderous Columbian regime; how Venezuelans are more satisfied with their democracy than are Americans; and how a pro-market media tells half-truths to mislead you about Venezuela.

Since its inception less than a year ago, BoRev.net has hit its stride. In recent months this blog has averaged 70 posts per month. Jee-zus! Mr. BoRev, Mr. BoRev, dance!

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“He said his name, BoRev, and he danced a lick across the cell”